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About Us

Passion: Be passionate about whatever you do. In order to make an impact we believe that you have to be passionate in what you do, small or big. 

Excellence: High standards are our way of life. We pursue excellence in everything we do. Our path there is learning. We research, experiment, innovate, and invite feedback that provides meaningful insight and enables continuous improvement.

Our values

Let us PEACE out !!

Accountability: we all commit to things, spoken or written. We commit, we deliver, build credibility and earn trust. We honor commitments to our stakeholders and to each other.

Customer Obsessed: At voxela one thing we are obsessed with is “CUSTOMER”. Each team we have or any application we build has a customer. Identify the customer and focus on his/her experience and the success.

We need to be obsessed when doing something. In voxela one thing we are obsessed with is “CUSTOMER”.

Ethics: We honor diversity, integrity, inclusion and honesty. Be friendly and kind to others. Life is too short so let us not be a Jerk !

Our mission

“Re-invent Caring”. We are on a mission to build an autonomous elder care system which can perceive, think and act.


Voxela VCare is an autonomous elder management system that helps caregivers detect incident such as fall-down, wake-up automatically and quickly alert via push notification.

VCare solution:

1.       Decreases injury risk and incident response time

2.       Optimizes caregivers time in an increasingly tight labor market

3.       Provide uninterrupted sleep for residents
4.       Provide better insights into the incidents and take measurable action.

The team

Voxela is a Silicon Valley technology company, founded by serial entrepreneurs Yuta Endo, Goutham Kamath and Yusuke Yoshida. Yuta (co-founder/CEO) was inspired by interviewing caregivers for his aging grandparents and has made it his mission to transform the healthcare industry to a more responsive, patient-centric experience that makes incredible care available to all.

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